30 Days BASIC Marketing Trial

30 Days BASIC Marketing Trial


A great way to get started and see what marketing inertia you can have at your disposal without risking a dollar.

  • Selection of an initial USP, which can be changed later if needed.

  • Blog page you can link with your website.

  • Monthly cleaning blog topic. Tailored to your company’s USP. Link to your site with calls to action.

  • Access to Iterative Cleaning Surveys for end-users. Gets you on the management level with your customers or prospects.

  • Monthly emailer.

  • Emailer sign-up.

  • Database management.

  • Emailer sign-up page.

  • Related direct mailer and 100 copies. (Additional copies extra.)


Complete your personal information but simply leave the example credit card numbers as they are to start a trial without leaving us your card information. Then, at the end of 30 days, we will check with you first, instead of billing automatically. So it couldn’t be much more hassle-free.

You will receive notification to set up your 20-50 minute onboarding session at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

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