Monthly Cleaning Blog on Your Site, or Your Own On-Line Blog, plus Quarterly Blog Promotion Collateral

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A blog can represent most of the important parts of a marketing campaign. On a predictable schedule - in this case monthly - your company educates customers by writing something of value to them. That education has “stickiness,” meaning it stays around as search engines document its location, and can be found later. So the process compounds month-to-month.

Who can find it? People who are thinking about the topic you covered, or some element from it, and searched. So the more blogs over time, the more information is found by engines like Google. People find this lure right at the time they are interested in something you are a subject matter expert in. How’s that for beating cold calling and trying to get a connection going from scratch?

However, you are not Nike, Levi’s, Aeropostale or Disney. You have a specific region in which you can practically benefit from making contacts Therefore, promoting your blogs and your website locally is important. We’ll help you with that, too. See features below:


1 - Monthly Blog

A relevant, educational blog on a cleaning-related topic tailored to fit with your USP, seasonal promotions, educational efforts. 500-1200 words.


2 - Formatted for your site, or on it’s own

Word document and illustration provided for use directly on your own website. If this is not a convenient method for you, your blog is posted on a separate page that can be linked one-time to your website, and the generic address carried in your promotions.

3 - Additional Quarterly Blog Promotion

Promotion is the key to building followers. One of the methods below will be provided. Click on the illustration above for an enlargement.

Quarter 1 - 500 business cards with your logo and link to blog.
Quarter 2 - 100 direct mailer or leave-behind large postal cards based on your selected USP.
Quarter 3 - Email campaign about your blog and quarterly topics.
Quarter 4 - White paper related to a current cleaning topic.