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Show Buyers You Have a Unique Solution to Their Business Problems.

 Start by Identifying Your Unique Solution

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"We began focusing on differentiating our services after attending a workshop Rick presented…in 2009 and have never looked back. Our sales have grown as much as 40% in a year..."

— Sherrie Stover, Marketing, Unlimited Building Maintenance, Kansas City

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Get Started in Four Easy Steps


Choose a proven Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your choice can be changed later if you think another option aligns better with your superpower(s). Sometimes ready, fire, aim gets you rolling - and learning - faster. Select a USP.


Select a marketing package: Basic, Plus, or A la Carte. For Basic or Plus, pick a period and discount. During this process, you can enter your USP choice. Packages.


Set aside 30-50 minutes in the next two weeks to go through the schedule outline by telephone. Our scheduling system is linked on the plan description.  


4. Start gathering cleaning satisfaction data through the Iterative Cleaning Feedback Loop. Receive password access to your own customized feedback page. ICFL creates a great reason to start discussing management issues with your prospects (instead of price) on a co-management basis. It also answers the question of what your prospect will be interested in - you will help her figure that out! 


“Rick’s listening to our business needs and then transforming this information as a workable and easy-to-navigate website is priceless."

- Arturo Corral, Founder, Sedona Management, LLC


Find Your Own Unique Selling Proposition

You can find the role of differentiation - so important, yet so often short-circuited - here. The most successful companies leverage a "Unique Selling Proposition." The USP is a differentiating approach that not only fits your organization but that becomes part of your business model and company culture. The USP you utilize should offer to resolve a business pain experienced among your prospects.

Find USP examples your company can leverage.


Use Differentiation
to Jump a Level
in Selling

Differentiate Your Company

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“[His]...ability to hammer our ideas into forms that separate us from competitors [has] provided a big advantage talking to targeted prospects...”

— Mo Bashar, Owner, Advanced 360 Floorcare"

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Differentiation Shift Changes the Selling Relationship

If you can differentiate your organization based on offering a better approach to a real business pain, you are more likely to work with prospects bilaterally as co-managers, rather than unilaterally on a vendor-purchaser basis. In the first case, you have more opportunity to affect the ways your customers and prospects interact with you. In the second - the vendor-purchaser scenario - that's business as usual, and it is steep terrain in today's new world. Learn how to leverage differentiation.



Data-Driven Marketing Helps You Determine the Cleaning Issues

Gather Data and Comments from Stakeholders

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"Rick has a keen eye for detail and truly understands how to add value through educationally based marketing strategies.”

— Gary Smith, Vice President Western Region, K.J.A., Inc.


Review Stakeholder Satisfaction to Begin Co-Managing the Data 

Just about everyone in facility management has a common desire to:

1. improve cleanliness and hygiene,

2. peak building appearance and imagery,

3. create odor-free atmospheres, and

4. extend the longevity of built-environment assets.

Decision makers will prefer these benefits at a continually lowering cost and/or improved efficiency.

What they are sometimes less sure of is where they stand now and what to do next to move forward. This creates an opportunity to establish mile markers and provide a road map. This desire for clearer directions represents a facility management “pain” that you can help remedy by collecting data from the stakeholders in that built environment.

Begin an Iterative Cleaning Improvement Feedback Loop to gather data points, and you will adjust the prospect's focus from price to problem-solving.


Get Monthly Marketing Support that Sets You Apart.

Start a Plan

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