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Rick Link

Rick Link

Rick Link studied magazine editing and production, and marketing at the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas. After six years of marketing for two technology start-up companies in Lawrence, KS, he became Vice President of National Marketing for Lien Infection Control Systems, a franchised specialty cleaning system in Chicago, where he introduced daytime restroom management techniques and high-volume consumables management. To do that, he utilized some of the first high-capacity paper dispensing systems from Europe ever applied in American markets to a building service contractor outcome.

To apply the system nationally, Rick and his team invented service and installation procedures to take advantage of the potential for improving labor efficiency while closing restrooms either for very short periods, or not at all.

He later bought and transformed one of the Lien Infection Control Systems franchises in Kansas City into Business Health/Clean Delivery, a janitorial distributorship that was perhaps the first to apply vendor-managed inventory as a unique selling proposition. This model allowed for streamlined routing, lower warehouse inventory levels, smaller fleet delivery vehicles and significantly better than industry average margins. That concept was successfully grown and after ten years sold, at which time he became marketing director for a regional midwestern janitorial supplier. There he emphasized continual cleaning education and “cleaning the unseen” (cleaning for health) as effective differentiators.

Rick has helped start-up businesses and small to mid-sized businesses put marketing to work to clear the way for more effective sales campaigns and better margins in hyper-competitive selling environments. He believes that selling what you sell is second priority. First, you must demonstrate how your company is unique at solving one or more business pains felt by your prospects. He then helps companies start telling their unique stories of how they solve those pains.

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